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Our Story

In 2010, we were just two moms going through a hard time to bring together all the products our little ones demand in the UAE’s scarce market. Driven by a maternal passion towards providing the best for our babies and knowing there are others suffering the same, we decided to join efforts and come up with a conceptual solution.

A magical world full of inspirational ideas was born out of an acquired inner experience. We named it Little Souq and launched it as an online store: littlesouq.com; A place where moms could find everything they need without having to miss one precious moment with their babies. From nursing accessories to clothes for growing kids, quality products are at your door step with few clicks!

Since the launch, we’ve continued to provide utmost quality products for moms and babies with the highest standards for safety and timeless luxury style designs. And because nothing outstands seeing our children light up with excitement, we created classic collections with all the excellence you expect adding to it the fun no child can resist.

After the great success of the online registry, we opened our first flag-store in Dubai this year hoping this will be only the start of a long journey. We are moms sharing the same entrepreneurship vision striving every day to spread the brand all over the UAE and with a dream to cover all the GCC countries.